Friday, March 09, 2007

SBW signs with the Bulldogs

SBW has signed for five years with the Bulldogs for A$2m. See also this Bulldog for life story blah blah. Instead of feeling disappointed that the Warriors did not manage to sign him in fact I feel vaguely releived that the Warriors have held firm and resisted the urge to grossly over-commit the franchise to this one player. Is that so wrong?

Anyway so now we can get on and focus on the impending round one - looks like the bookies may name the Warriors as favourites against the Eels. While this seems valid on the basis of trial form - trial form is worth slightly less than photos of my butt and the Warriors are never a good bet as favourites so I will treat such favouritism with unqualified disdain. Unless of course the Warriors win by a massive margin - either way I will be ok.
I also had a shot today at projecting the 2007 table - its hard thing to do - I can't tell who are the absolute bunny teams anymore - Raiders and Panthers maybe? As for the top four can the Broncoes maintain or are they on the downward slide? Storm and Slater are still young so maybe its their year? And just how high up the table can we project the Warriors - fifth? Maybe even higher? Let me know your thoughts.


Charlton said...

Photos of your bum are worth gold. Especially stuck on the 7th form common room's door at Avondale College.

Do you remember that picture Matty T?

Charlton said...

Warriors definitely in the top eight, 7th of 8th at the lowest.

It could be a year of big things for the worriers!

thehoff said...

pics or it didnt happen

Matt said...

there are no pics of my butt ok - the pic charlton is referring to is of me looking a little tired and emotional after some post mid-year exams celebrations in 1996