Friday, April 27, 2007

Action stations

Well a couple of games coming up tonight - Dogs v Tigers and Broncoes v Storm. The grand final replay should be a good game - if theres any change to the Warriors table position after these results I will update the status report in the upper right hand corner of the blog - although only a Dogs win should have any effect.

Cleary has noted that the Warriors have not won away this year yet (losses to Manly and the Storm)- and he is not happy about it - wants to improve the away form of the boys this week against the Rabs. Frankly I can see the Warriors losing this week but at least they could then say as an excuse that they have lost to the three best teams in the NRL away?

And does anyone apart from me think its bizarre that the premier league feeder club of the South Sydney Rabbitohs these days is the North Sydney Bears - isn't something about that just geographically wrong? Its a sad story for the Bears though - to go from being an NRL franchise in their own right to being a joint partner in the Northern Eagles - to being a premier league feeder to the Rabbitohs - ouch - bet the old Norths boys don't like that much. Or maybe its all part of a Jason Taylor (Norths 1994-99) master plan now that he coachs the Rabs? Anyway the Warriors feeder side Auckland Lions play the Bears this weekend - it looks to be a pretty strong Bears side featuring former Penrith grand final winner Joe Galuvao.

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