Monday, April 09, 2007


Easter has produced a string of dissappointing sports results, headlining with the Warriors going down in a narrow loss to Manly. Warriors are now 2-2, hanging onto eighth place in the table by a thread. However all the way to fifth is on points difference alone. The boys need to get a result vs the Cowboys at home this week, if they drop another consecutive game their season is on a slippery slope and they may well find themselves once again out of the top eight. Your thoughts on this weeks game would be appreciated. Sounds like an improved defensive effort - although not enough to get the win.

While we were away in Valencia (full America's cup village report in next post) Man U also managed to lose whilst Chelsea won. Chelsea now only trails Man U by three points - Man U vs Chelsea on May 9th is shaping to be a title deciding match.

In addition Champions League quarter final second leg games are on this week with Rome playing Man U at Old Trafford (I will be in attendance) bringing a 2-1 aggregate lead and a wave of bad press after the ugly scenes of fan and police violence - (watch the video on this link) during leg one in Rome with 11 Man U fans hospitalised. I will try and steer clear.

Had a great time in Valencia - not as hot or sunny as anticipated but good fun none the less. Am travelling to Manchester via Leeds tomorrow. Champions League Kick off is at 19.45 GMT.

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thehoff said...

Well I'd rather not comment on that game. Looked lifeless on attack, problems for sure.

Found this humourous:

RABBITING NONSENSE? South Sydney co-owner Russell Crowe has responded to criticism over the accuracy of the latin motto on the club's crest. Since the story in last Monday's Herald about how the motto had inspired the Rabbitohs' vast improvement, Sin Bin has been told Runocius servo prosapia liberi primoris was "Latin gibberish". "It's using Latin words, but it's not making any Latin sense," Roger Pitcher, classics master at the Sydney Grammar School, said. "It sort of means, 'Run quickly, as the family of the first part of a child I protect'." Crowe said the confusion had arisen because the Herald story did not contain the correct punctuation. "It is not one sentence, it is three separate sentences. Each sentence is correct," he explained. "We didn't seek to find an old phrase; we sought to find the Latin words that fitted these three modern phrases. I noticed that when the Herald ran it, they didn't use punctuation, but ran it as a complete sentence. That is their mistake, not ours. That would assist in any argument against this phrasing. I wrote the modern English phrases. Keith Rodger sourced the words, then we checked it online with two separate translation services and a third source, it came back to us as correct each time. We have e-mailed confirmations on file, but as we did this over a year ago, it is taking us a little while to find them, including the name of a languages teacher at Riverview College that we had a friend confirm it with. We also asked Armani to examine the phrases and they were satisfied. The words are right; the Herald's punctuation is where the fault lies here. They should sin bin themselves."

Is this a crock of shit or true story?