Monday, April 02, 2007

Isn't this inappropriate? Its appropriate enough.

Well the Warriors got pasted by the Storm. So maybe I have been getting all excited over nothing. First away game of the season and it is a bath. Too many errors - giving the Storm too much quality field position. Next week top of the table Manly at their home ground, Brookvale Oval, it does not fill me with confidence.

Warriors are clinging to 6th in the table, luckily the Raiders somehow obliterated the Knights to avoid any chance of the Warriors dropping into 7th this round. Anyway your thoughts on the Warriors shocking turn in form would be appreciated.

On a more positive note any thoughts on this suggestion that Eric is considering making an offer to buy Mt Smart outright (rather than leasing it from the ARC). All sounds very NBA to me - would be a good way to improve the chances of making the Warriors profitable - and could see further improvements to the ground. This post also suggests Watson could make shares in the club/ground available to fans. All sounds good to me - but its absolute crap.
Big news of the evening is the UK following France in pulling out of the "HeinekenCup" european interclub comp - its like the Champions league for rugby - frankly these rugby nations don't know whats good for them. I look forward to seeing the All Blacks run all over them in September, provided that they are not all in a hospital ward by them.


bighoff said...

Well not sure if you got to see the game Matty so I'll give you my flavour. For the first time the warriors came up against a team capable of running angles at pace.

Secondly, Billy Slater is a legend and a guy you would have in any team.

The storm defence was also top notch - I can't fault the warriors for not trying to breach it but the storm look the biz this year.

watching the monday game was also quite scary. newcastle and the raiders both look very good teams and after watching the raiders take apart the knights in clinical fashion puts some of the earlier round games in perspective, eg manly taking apart the raiders doesn't bode well for this weekend.

still i can't help thinking of manly as bottom dwelling scum and i have no hesitation backing the warriors this weekend. Their defensive problems handling fast runners coming in at angles should be behind them and there was too much space for the chip kick behind the warriors defensive line which mckinnon should be wiser to this weekend.

wish i could link to my earlier post about logan swann and why i never liked him. he drops balls. all the time. he throws stupid passes. he is a muppet. im hoping he sorts his shit out before the end of the season.

Matt said...

Yeah I agree - I can't help but think of Manly as a really bad team with a grossly old Menzies desperately holding it together - however after three games they are top of the table. On points scored they rank 2nd, the Warriors fourth. Key difference for concern is on points conceded - Manly rank 1st - Warriors 10th! The defence as always, is a worry.