Thursday, April 19, 2007

Possible brain explosion candidate?

I quite like this story about recurring offender Chris Walker getting tossed from a nightclub over Easter and subsequently on the verge of being axed by the Titans. It's since been revealed Walker is suffering from a 'psychological condition', which is exacerbated by alcohol use." The Daily Telegraph in Australia has the scoop that the Titans won't fire Walker after revelations that Walker has "alcohol dependency, brought on by anxiety". Seems to be some confusion here - whether the alcohol causes the mental problem or the mental problem causes the drinking.

Genuine mental illness aside alot of problem drinkers have this condition - that is - can't control their drinking or their behaviour once they are drunk. Without wanting to cast the first stone, this mental illness ploy is PR BS as far as I am concerned. Walker would be better off to be contrite, admit a drinking problem in a public statement and then go to AA.

The Titans were considered the last stop for Walker, who has acrimoniously split with Brisbane, Sydney Roosters, South Sydney and Melbourne during a chequered career. His most infamous brain explosion was in May 2004 when he was charged with assaulting police outside Brisbane's casino during an Origin camp and dumped from the Queensland squad.

Who would win in a Sione v Walker drinking face off?

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