Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brain Explosion drought?

Well theres a long way to go but this years NRL seems to have been marked by a high degree of focus on quality football and little or no scandal or brain explosion drama. SBW had a drunken encounter with a female triathlete in a toilet (pictured at right) but his girlfriend is standing by him and Mason's brain exploded permanently a long long time ago but nothing has really tipped the scales sufficiently to qualify for the brain explosion 2007 prize. If anyone has further suggestions just let me know as this state of affairs is far to fragile to continue indefinitely.

I had also missed this story re the Warriors being "cashed up" and looking to spend up to $400k on a new player in 2008. Apparently the depature of stars (like Webb) and the strong kiwi dollar mean the Warriors will have money to spend - but it still may not be enough to attract a star quality centre. The story also notes that the Warriors are likely to re-sign around two-thirds of the nine players who come off contract this season. Seven of those players are wings Todd Byrne and Cooper Vuna, centre Tony Martin, utility Lance Hohaia, standoff Michael Witt, hooker George Gatis and second-rower Logan Swann.

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thehoff said...

On the one hand you feel sorry for SBW's girlfriend. If she left him, where is she going to go? What is she going to do? Crawl back to Auckland to live in obscurity at her parents?

On the other hand, don't get involved with a 21 year old NRL wunderkid and not expect him to shag around at any opportunity. If she is wise enough to have considered the second scenario before she moved in with him and is accepting then they should be fine.

Anyone else have problems, I'll be your agony aunt.