Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can you feel it?

Well the Warriors on a hiding to nothing this weekend but a part of my gut is starting to think they have a chance. These are the reasons:

1. They are spiritual brothers with the England football team - who blew out the cobwebs and the Croatians with a blockbuster 4-1 victory in Zagreb last night as massive underdogs, who knew they could deliver like this - Capello thought should be Cleary thought (you kindof little red book Mao style) - lets get a meeting of the minds between these two battlers who like nothing more than to lift a phoenix from the ashes;

2. Melbourne have some injuries, looks like they are going to play a dude only a week after knee surgery -aka the kiss of death for that poor mans leg, Warriors have full strength minus only WadeMac (AKA capitano insano (Paulos Ballos you feel me raglan style?) on a ban for spit;

3. Melbourne are just way too favoured and the Melbourne public do not give a toss; and

4. forecast is for Mt Smart style crap ass rainy cold windy weather, Warriors need to specialise in this shit. Lets face it you are not going to beat Slater in the sun on dry ground are you?

Anyway thats it for me, I am feeling it, is the Warriors massive still out there?

PS. Poll data suggest Obama is on the ropes


thehoff said...

I'm disturbed at the lack of comments - you people make me sick - where is your support?

I'm predicting we will have a winning play 2 minutes from time and Logan Swann will again dummy the ball and be tackled thus cementing his position as warriors player you would most like to skewer and roast over a hot fire.

While I am pumped for this game, I am looking forward to 09 which should be a cracker of a year.

Matt said...

bighoff good to hear you again

Jarrod said...

Never rule out the under-dog. The Warriors are hungry and will hit those Melbounre pussies hard in the frist 10 mins. There's a small posse of hard-core leaguies over here in New York who will be watching the game live at 1.30am local time at New York's only bar to be showing the game. My money is on a barn-storming Vatuvei try in the last 2 minutes to seal it for the Warriors. Go hard Warriors - chur!

grizzly bear said...

The Warriors have players of genuine talent and if that translates into a real team effort with few mistakes I reckon they are in with a chance despite their record of unpredictability. And pray for rain!!! Go the Warriors!