Sunday, September 14, 2008

Greatest Victory in Warriors history, Warriors stun Storm

Unbeleivable, the Warriors have gone and done the upset of the century, Mr F Witt with a try in the final two minutes to win it, Warriors beat the storm 18-15. I hardly know what to say, will add more when I have had more time to digest. Home semifinal next week against the Roosters, bring on the sellout.


thehoff said...

Get ready to call in sick Matty, its on Friday night NZ time.

The last few weeks they have been playing with a lot of grit but I still thought it was too much of a hard ask for them to beat the storm. With the effort they put in, I would've been happy with a loss (sounds strange) but to win in such a fashion, legends are made of such games. Will be one of those games we talk about in many years time and fondly remember.

Makes you proud to be a league fan when you have games like that.

The roosters are going to be tough, 2-3 days recovery after that bruiser with the storm, won't be a lot of prep going into it, and could be a tough ask. but if we win, with Wade Mac back, the sky is the limit.

Congrats to the warriors and all the fans who stuck through the early part of the season (warriors didn't have a -100 points differential for nothing). Anything can happen, its finals footy!

grizzly bear said...

Yes, it was a cracker of a game! Rugby league at its best and,like 'thehoff', I was happily resigned to a loss a couple of minutes before the end. That final try - I could watch it over and over! Some palpitations though as Mr. Witt celebrated before putting the ball down! What secret Ivan Cleary has discovered in the last few weeks should be bottled. It must be the beards I think!

wellingtonwarrior said...

Must admit, pre-game I didn't really have much hope and was happy if the boys put up a good fight and finished within 10pts. I even shaved my solidarity beard that had I'd been sporting since I made the trip up to the Cowboys match in July...
In short, the last time I was reduced to such an excited/proud blubbering mess was at the Wellington stadium when they came from 24-8 down with less than 10 mins remaining to draw with the dogs.
Roosters will be tough tho....
Forget black friday, bring on Bearded Friday!!! Let every man,woman and child arrive at Mt Smart with their best Ruben on!!
If any of y'all are stuck in Wellington the game'll be on the projector at mine-beers provided!! Kicking off with the juniors at 6pm. Their performance was a little overshadowed but they look the goods!! GO DA BOYZ!!!