Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Warriors vs Roosters on Setanta

Just for the information of those Warriors fans in the UK, Setanta have now confirmed the Warriors v Roosters will be shown live at 9.30am this Friday morning. I may have to come to an arrangement with my employer to enable me to watch it. However if anyone has thoughts on bars etc that may be showing the game in London let me know. I spoke yesterday with the Walkabout (Temple branch) and as of yesterday that were not planning to open early on Friday.

Let me know what your plans are to watch the game where you are in the world. I note Dan Ham has already got his tickets to attend the match at Mt Smart. Nice work - lets hope the home fans can make it a cauldron.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, i was at the game it was a absolute blinder!

crowd was ready to go from the start! but at halftime everyone was pretty down, but once hohaia got over in the 45th minutes it was all on.crowd went absolutely bonkers!