Friday, September 19, 2008

Warriors hammer Roosters

I hope I never wake up from this dream. The Warriors have beaten the Roosters and are into the semi-final vs Manly - one win away from the Grand Final vs either of the Sharks or Broncoes!


Brucie P said...

Mate, I'm very happy for people like you who are true fans of the team and have been supporting them through all the good and bad times.

Enjoy the moment and look out for my Knights, not next year, but in 2010.

Chur Warriors fans, chur!

Brusier :)

Matt said...

Bruce mate I appreciate the sentiment, its been a long road for all Warriors supporters so to get this far is a great reward for all the bad times. However isn't it time you let the Knights go and joined in on the Warriors bandwagon?

All the best for you and your family bro - saw the pics on facebook of Oliver - awesome!