Monday, September 08, 2008

Warriors Storm playoffs

Congratulations to the boys on a big win away against the Eels to make it to the playoffs for only the fifth time in fourteen seasons in the NRL.

Unfortunately the reward for this impressive performance is instant death away at the minor premiership winners Melbourne Storm. Whilst a massive upset is possible and would be fantastic this has disquieting overtones of the Warriors first trip to the finals in 2001 when they met the minor premiership winning Eels away and sufferred an absolute hammering. The Eels at one point so far ahead that their coach played a man short voluntarily as part of a man-down drill. This was embaressing stuff.

The weird thing about the Warriors that we all recognise is that they could beat anyone, its just highly uncertain that they shall do so. No eighth place team has ever beaten the number 1 team in the NRL McIntyre finals system.
Everything aside I am delighted that they have qualified, a win at the Storm would put me and the club into the stratosphere. However one way or another the club have to learn how to get the team to perform in the first half of the season.
Another thought I have been having lately arises after reading recent commentary about the England football team. The key point being that the team on paper has the quality to be at the top tier of international football but that psychologically they are to fragile and uncertain to deliver. The problem is not with their football skills, it is in their heads. Does this sound familiar at all? There is money to be made if someone can crack this conundrum. How to get teams like the Warriors and the England football team into the mental state to consistently deliver their potential?

A final thought - I love the beards! Keep them for next season - we can have a whole team of mountain men by next year!

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