Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Well it seems that a series of alcohol related incidents has led to Warriors sacking Misi Taulapapa. This young guy was signed to a two year extension only two months ago, in May 2006.

All that is being said publicly is that the final straw was an alcohol related incident 48 hours before the Brisbane game, and that this was a fourth incident following three formal warnings.

And before the exit door has even stopped rotating the Warriors have signed another young Australian, utility back Aidan Kirk, from the Roosters. Cleary moving quickly to bring in another of the players from the development team he successfully coached at the Roosters. Kirk will not join the Warriors until Cleary Year Two in 2007.

In a very telling quote Cleary states that "We need to build up our depth in a lot of positions and Aidan's versatility will help us to do that". In other words - "I look at the current squad list and cry myself to sleep over the lack of talent".

Also Wiki faces the distinct possibility of being out on suspension for six weeks - have to say I know Wiki is quality and provides a platform but at his age and with his disciplinary record he is not worth the money. He is too experienced to commit this sort of foul by accident. Play hard and play fair Rubes - don't be a fool, you have demerit points up the wing wang.

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Anonymous said...

Mate - Patrick Ah Van - like so many Warriors wingers before him can do the incredible - and the unthinkable all within the space of a couple of minutes. Like Meli etc etc he looks like he can score some sensational tries - but probably has the turning radius of the Queen Mary. On the situation with Misi being bagged - good on the warriors for making a stand however at this rate we will struggle to put out a team by the end of the year - how about buying Umanga in - he will sort them out. I dont really agree with the league has a drinking culture retort - all professsions - including banking, legal, journalisim have a drinking culture. In sport the fitter you are the more booze affects you - so why do it when your contract depend on you being in tip top shape. DOnt know if you watched the Fiji v Junior all Blacks but watch Rupeni ( looking a little heavier it must be said out sprint Sosene Anesi - the fastest man in NZ rugby (apparently) was beautiful - offer him a Warriors contract. Why is there no more poaching of players from Rugby anymore