Sunday, June 25, 2006

Warriors steamroll Rabbits

Well after crawling out of bed at 6.30am London time I have just given up my struggle to get a web radio feed of the Warriors v Souths match. What a mission - however I guess this matchup may not have game of the round appeal.

Anyway what I have managed to determine is that the Warriors having led 32-0 at halftime have won the match 66-0. This is total domination!

Nice work guys!

So a quick revision of the playoff math tells that the Warriors now need to win 7 of their remaining 9 games to make the eighth playoff spot with 28 points. Next up Panthers at home.

In addition Herald is reporting that the Warriors have "nailed down" 19 of the 25 spots in their squad for 2007.

England to play Ecuador in the round of 16 at 4pm today UK time. This is of course a massive game and another lacklustre performance even with a win will see the UK media tearing Sven and this England team apart.


thehoff said...

In the words of Martin Crowe, it was sennnnnnnn-say-shun-il!

Yet, I can't help the feeling of deja vu. I recall a warriors team of old destroying manly, souths etc by 50-0 to lose by the same margin the next week to the Roosters, Brisbane etc.

Keep up the focus boys - dont know if this is the right time to drop this matty but here goes - ITS TIME TO TAKE THE TANIWHA OUT OF THE TRAINING SHEDS!

Anonymous said...

Nice Warriors win. I pity the fool....

Watership down - nice one.

Also liking the Hoff feedback.

Go the Warriors - definitly showing heart and hopefully some good conditioning to pull finger and make the playoffs.


Hamiltd said...

HMm - I prefer to keep my Taniwha in the shed - lest my being charged with public nudity - Mat diod you see thething about the streaker at the Ireland match? Anyway the warriors were great - Hohaia was outstanding for once - he always is when we are a long way ahead - however it is my sad duty to say that Webb was brilliant - he will be sorely missed