Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eric gives out free tickets again

You have to love the guy - he is giving away tickets again - this time to NZ passport holders in Sydney to attend the Warriors match v the Rabs. This is a good idea as Telstra can be a cavernous space when empty and the Warriors are balanced as per usual on a psychological knife edge. Lets hope some broke ass Kiwis in Sydney get along and enjoy the free tix.

Just to keep your scandal interest levels up apparently there is a culture of drink and drug abuse in the NRL.

And apparently there is talk that the NRL will do away with the June 30 "anti-tampering" deadline - this rule has always seemed like a crock to me anyway.

As an aside I see the Shaq/Wade Miami Heat have managed to win the NBA finals. Not the result I wanted to see, and clearly I am not the only one who doesn't like the Shaq/Heat style of play. Dwayne Wade may well give Lebron James a run for his money for who is the greater player of their generation. Lets hope they have a finals match up next season to put it to the true test. I as usual, am looking forward to this years NBA draft later this month- in some ways my favourite part of the season as its all potential with no annoying reality to interfere with the fanastical nature of talent evaluation. New star on the horizon for this year- Adam Morrison. Not your stereotypical NBA type by any means.

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