Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Work is suckful

Don't you all just have those days where you are unhappy about your job. Well I am having one right now and was thinking of posting something about the Warriors except there is no news whatsoever.

Other than the Maroons pulling out a game 2 thrashing in Origin all that is on my horizon is work. Nice work Price - hope you are fit for Sunday's match v the Knights. Full strength Knights squad is going to be a tough ask for the boys this week lets hope for the best.

So to jump on a blind tangent for want of anything better to think about, I once read that Motu Tony's father's name was Tony Tony, and until now I don't think I beleived it could be true. If only his middle name was Tony as well. I always like Motu Tony I think someone in the NRL should give him another look. He is currently playing at Hull in the UK.


Hamiltd said...

re in the world working for the man still sucks - prediction this weekend nexcastle by 8 - take my advice because world cup soccer tipping does not lie

wellington warrior said...

After watching the warriors easily put away a depleted roosters line up (You'd have to be worried if we didn't win that one-their forward pack were tiny and looked to have an average age of about 19!),it was with much eagerness that I took to the couch this afternoon to see if they could do it back to back against quality opposition. And they did. The knights were often down the right end of the park but the defence was magnificent!! This was not just a victory, but a caning. one of those matches where the opposition is outplayed in every facet of the game(yes, even in the halves!!!). It was effectively all over when the warriors,who had come out from half time 14-6 up,posted the first try of the second half.The final score of 30-18 flattered newcastle a wee bit with 2 tries in the last ten minutes.
Even if the warriors come out with only 80% of this effort next week the rabbitohs will be in big trouble. Could it be.......the unthinkable? .... 3 in a row....!
Wellington Warrior

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

Have just responded to your post on my blog - I'd been keen to link to your blog (now that I've woken from a Super 14 induced coma).

The Orange



Hamiltd said...

Apologies for not picking the Warriors - and even worse turning down free corporate box tuickets to the weekends game - everytime I have gone to watch them play the Knights that have goit flogged - yes it was a caning - but the Knights were awful - still three in a row is a distinct hope!

Pdiddy said...

Hey guys

Cheers for the comments I am absolutely pinned at work at the moment but am planning a detailed recap post to satisfy your inquiring minds very shortly.

Only 8 from 10 required for playoffs - lets avoid a dropoff v souths.

hamiltd - never turn down corporate box tix - hows the pumpo?