Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can Warriors make it three in a row?

What a stunning result in the weekend - Warriors 30 to Knights 18. So convincing was the warriors victory that Andrew Johns was left to blame his own squad for their lack of effort and Knights coach Hagan was left clutching at straws to explain his teams recent loss of form.

This in spite of the NZ public failing to heed my advice and producing a tiny crowd turnout for the match. (NB> Haircut of the century in the photo to the right.)

Dare I say it the Warriors appear to have found the holy grail of the warriors rugby league quest - the ever elusive consistency - in the last three matches.

Cleary has named an unchanged side for the match v souths, lovely turn of phrase here - describing souths as a "potential banana skin opponent". Right on the money with that one - this is the type of game a typical Warriors side would drop off for and play ugly at the level of their dropkick opponents.

With that in mind I am getting excited here about the run in to the playoffs and it is a dangerous thing - particularly within the squad itself - a loss to the Rabbitohs and the season is over. The Warriors need a crushing and convincing victory this week to keep the momentum going. Lets keep it going boys - every match is a grand final! Would be great if the Warriors could get to their last games after the bye in round 20 with the breathing space of only having to win 4 of 6 of their final games instead of all 6 games. In order to acheive this the Warriors need to win the next four on the trot starting with the Rabs, then panthers, dogs and eels.

Interesting article in the herald re the Warriors salary cap dilemma re Webb. I will seek to analyse this cap situation in detail here on the blog when I have more time. The information I need is the estimated salaries of the entire squad - is anyone out there privy to such info? Or willing to have a crack?

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