Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Positive thinking

Well I have to admit my speculation below that the Warriors can still make the playoffs is a little far fetched but the Warriors have got to maintain interest in the season somehow while the World Cup is on and a few more wins would at least lay a good platform for next season. Lets at least hope the Warriors can be spoilers and get up to 9th or 10th on the table. (NB: Do the ears look big in this photo to you?)

Anyway my big message to those of you in New Zealand is to get along and watch the boys play the Knights this weekend. Vodafone as part of their slightly farcical "one tribe" promotion are offering discount $10 tickets. Thats like £3.50 - the cost of a pint in London - get yourself down there to watch Price play his 250th NRL match.

Also have to give a very small barely noticeable shoutout to the Socceroos - stunning comeback victory.

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