Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Facing up to the Panthers

My goodness it is hot in London at the moment! Don't want to bum-out those of you in the Southern Hemisphere but the heat is almost unbearable at the moment. Without wanting to turn this into (god forbid) a weather blog - we had some pretty intense thunder and lightning storms last Friday night but still no let up in the temperatures.

Warriors come off their bye this week to face the Panthers in Penrith on Saturday. Can't say I am that excited by the match up. I guess the mathematical possibility still exists of a playoff spot if by some freak of nature and luck the Warriors win all of their remaining six games. However as soon as the Warriors drop a game Cleary may as well play an entirely experimental line up from there on in. A Bartercard try out would be one idea - or maybe drop a few elite development squad players into the mix.

Big ups to the Wellington Warrior for taking the time to check out the Wade McKinnon performance last week for the Eels against the Tigers. Apparently was pretty good play by young Wade including a second half try that sealed the win. Hopefully the boys will make your trip to Auckland for the Roosters match worthwhile.

Big news of the week - the Warriors have released a limited edition Guttenbeil testimonial jersey - be still my beating heart. Well without wanting to get too sarky it actually it looks pretty cool. I recently got my hands on a 2006 Warriors away jersey and I have been rocking that baby as much as possible around the Clapham streets - don't think anyone can figure out what it is.

In UK news - our old mate Daniel Anderson has taken his new club St Helens to the top of the Superleague table and all the way to the Challenge Cup semi-final on Saturday but not without exhibiting his trademark no nonsense don't give a toss if I rub you the wrong way attitude. For those who want to know the Challenge cup is a knock out competition for all levels of rugby league (including UK, French and Russian teams) - similar to the FA Cup for football.

Interestingly in this match St Helens (Superleague) will face Hull Kingston Rovers (1st Division) who are coached by would you beleive it ex-Warrior Justin Morgan. For those who don't remember his Warriors career - Morgan was a member of the 2002 grand final team - albeit largely as a substitute prop. However whatever you think of his playing career the man is doing very well as a coach and is even being somewhat humourously referred to as the "special one" ala Jose Mourinho and Chelsea.

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