Sunday, July 02, 2006

Warriors Roll On

Well first let may say that beyond this introduction I am not even going to touch on the intense disappointment of seeing England get knocked out in the most inauspicious of circumstances. It is over but I guess Brazil and Argentina are heading home as well. The question is who will win it all? My guess is Germany at home.

Anyway Warriors just keep on rolling racking up a fourth win in a row in what must be close to club record. The boo-hoo Herald keeping a cap on its enthusiasm by pointing out how much better off the Warriors would be had they not lost four points at the start of the season. No shit sherlock I am glad I have got a national daily paper to give me such indepth and thoughtful analysis.

Anyway the boys are doing all that we could ask of them and still need six from the remaining eight games to be a shot at the playoffs, their run home is as follows:

7/7 - Round 18 - Bulldogs (4th) - Away
14/7 Round 19 - Eels (14th) - Home
21/7 - Round 20 - Bye
28/7 - Round 21 - Panthers (11th) - Away
4/8 - Round 22 - Sharks (5th) - Home
11/8 - Round 23 - Cowboys (7th) - Home
18/8 - Round 24 - Storm (1st) - Away
25/8 - Round 25 - Roosters (13th) - Home
1/9 - Round 26 - Broncoes (2nd) - Away

Its a pretty tough spread and the Warriors really need to save up their two potential losses for their games v the Storm and the Broncoes at the finish. So this Dogs match is crucial and it causes me concern based on the Doggies recent form with an impressive win v Tigers which they managed despite being without State of Origin forwards Willie Mason, Mark O'Meley and Nate Myles. Only plus for the Warriors is that Matt Utai was red carded so will likely miss the Warriors match (as part of a 6-8 game suspension). Tigers have clearly gone down the tubes and it is a real pity we have already played them twice.

I have faith in this team - that is, faith qualified by realism that tells me that it will all be over soon - lets keep it going - start going to the games you slack Aucklanders!


wellington warrior said...

Yep, a massive game this weekend and I believe they can do it. The boys are finally showing signs they know how to win-even on an average day like they had v panthers....they need to step up the intensity a fair bit for this one but i think they got the basis of a winning formula starting to roll out.Go you good things!!!!
Am about to look up some cheap flights to auck on 4/8 to watch them smash the sharks at ericsson! Woo Hoo
P.S-do u still have that Rooney shirt?
-Lampard needs a rocket.

rooney said...

This Warriors team are a real bundle of hope just when I need it. The england world cup situation is just a straight up fiasco and I can't wait for the new premiership to start to get my mind off of it. Cleary it seems really does know what he is doing and is making the most of limited resources in difficult circumstances. He even seems to have found a way to get Guttenbeil to make a meaninful contribution - shock me more crazyman!