Saturday, July 01, 2006

Warriors in nail biter - Judgement day for England

Hey all

Well as of writing this post Warriors are leading 28-22 over Penrith with five minutes to play. I probably won't be able to stick around and follow the conclusion as I have to head out to Heathrow on the tube to pick up my father.

Anyway Warriors hanging in there - good to see - no pressure guys but your whole season is on the line!

Massive day for England today with the world cup quarter final v portugal. I have a Rooney shirt on and am anticipating a tough ninety minutes. Hope you NZ peeps get up to watch - its going to be ugly! go the WAGS


Hamiltd said...

Yes - 4 in a row - how good would those 4 extra points be now!

guten targ said...

That was a gutsy game..down at halftime yet strong finish even when the Panthers came back at them, nice win to go with the turn around in the teams fortunes..much rather this win over the biggy dished out against the Wabbits