Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Tubes await

Well don't say i did not warn you. The wringing of hands and gradual suffering of a another wasted season presents itself on a platter. It looked for a minute as if Cleary had pulled some sort of magic out the trough but now we are faced with the cold hard reality of needing to win six consecutive games for a mathematical shot at eighth spot. Its over for another year and like the England world cup departure it may take some days to digest.

What bothers me the most is that they lost in front of one of their best crowds of the season. Effectively demonstrating all the faults of the club and the team at a time when they desperately need the support and the funds produced by decent crowd numbers. Deaker will lap this up as the Warriors choke with their season on the line. Webb's late ommission may explain some of it but next year Webb won't be there for any of the games so the team had better get used to it.

As an aside I really hope someone other than me still cares enough about the Warriors to read this blog. I see no comments, and no comments means no readers. It seems that there is a direct correlation between the Warriors winning and hits on this blog. I guess its like crowd numbers, people like to watch, think and read about a winning team.


James D said...

Not good - perhaps they need the new season and some new blood.

Perhaps they just sucked the dummy.

Hamiltd said...

More importantly looks like a few good purchases for next year - Witt McKinnon etc - The pedestreian of overseas - hahaha suffer superleague supporters

wellington warrior said...

Its been about a week now and I'm still not over that defeat at the hands of the eels. The Warriors once again did mostly everything right and deserved to win but like so many times before in this season they just can't get up in the arm wrestles!
A more confident start or better finishing(both Vatuvei and Mannering crossed the line only to be denied) would've provided us fans with so much more hope...
The only positive note I spose is that the eels have just schallacked the tigers spearheaded by a rampant wade mckinnon so it kinda puts the loss in context and provides a wee bit of hope for next year.
Despite all the misery- I've still booked my flights/tickets to see the warriors take on the roosters in the final home game of the season! Keep the faith!!!!