Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have to say that Eric has always had something of hero status in my mind. Not for his dodgy business exploits in general or for having been married to Nicky Watson although these are both qualities demanding of respect. No my respecting Eric has always revolved around his purchase (by phoenix company means no less) of a dying Warriors franchise and restoring them to not only respectability but glory in a remarkably short space of time.

To see the man reduced to begging Gallop for cash is just pathetic and unbearable. You can read for yourself but no doubt the Warriors are suffering financially and Eric has had to pump in considerable quantities of his own cash.

The worst is Lowe actually (Stop press!) has got a valid point in that he participated as coach in a curtain raiser before the Eels game that actually helped out the Warriors significantly by actually producing a break even crowd size and the players and organisers got no love from the Warriors players or management. Now if I am agreeing with Lowemeister then the world has turned upside down and things have gone badly wrong.

If all of this didn't make my sick enough Warriors fans appear to smuggling bottles into Mt Smart to throw at the opposition. Now turning out for Warriors games has always been about abusing the opposition, I love a bit of it myself, but glass bottles, please guys lets try and have a little bit of self respect before the franchise folds up.

Only passably good news of the week is that the Pedestrian has been unloaded to the UK. Solid but dull as a doorknob would be my description of that particular career and playing style. Opposition defensive players have been expecting as little variation as me for the last few years. Apparently good recent performances can be explained by the contract year phenomenon.

As if I weren't grumpy enough after a suck ass buggering week at work and the unbearably hottest weather I have just about ever experienced it is a bye week for the Warriors. I am hanging on by a thread here.

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