Monday, July 10, 2006

Golden point disaster

Well at least we can say that the Warriors put in a good effort in their loss to the Dogs. Sounds like a really entertaining game - however 16-0 up and the Warriors should really be closing out the match for a win. Golden point overtime is a fun concept - just hurts when it is your teams season being sent down the tubes.

Anyway Warriors still have a stab in the dark of making the playoffs - they just need to win six from seven of their remaining games.

The Sydney Morning Herald has divided out whom they consider to be the contenders for this years NRL title and it is a predictable bunch, Storm, Dogs, Drags and Broncoes. Most noteworthy is the statement that the Warriors "need two more quality players for next season and they can make a real impact."

Latu it seems has managed to have his jail sentence quashed on appeal which is probably fair - 8 months in jail did seem a little harsh and it wasn't as if he was publicly urinating during an international rugby match or anything.

Eels at home this week. Nathan Hindmarsh will be available if he pleads guilty to his dangerous throw charge but Timanu Tahu (knee) and halfback Tim Smith (collar bone) will both be out. Needless to say the Warriors cannot afford to drop this one. Keep on eye on Warriors buy in at fullback Wade McKinnon. If one of you who sees the game could please post a comment re his performance that would be great as per usual I will not get the watch the game.

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