Friday, July 14, 2006

Warriors face Slippery Eels

I don't know what to think about the Warriors for the remainder of the season, the possibility of a playoff berth is now so small that I am willing myself to disregard it but a part of me keeps nagging and telling me to stop being such a spoil sport while the chance still exists.

So I lift my hopes for another week in full anticipation that they will be dashed. This is the psychological world of being a Warriors fan.

Anyway enough waffling half assed existentialism I note that it is Koopu's 50th consecutive NRL match so inspite of this being a rubbish stat dreamed up by the Warriors PR team to try and get fans to the game Koopu gets photo honours for this post. And what a pretty boy he was when he joined the team way back in 1999. He has been a consistent stand out in my mind and his survival despite the ongoing regime changes speaks volumes for his talent. The 50 games does mean that he is a pretty solid individual - not prone to injury despite playing a very physical position and being consistently involved.

The Herald is hardly worth linking to anymore - reporting that Cleary doesn't like the golden point rule (lame) and delivering some more gold from Graham.

NRL gossip wise Cowboys have got themselves into a sex scandal - primary issue seems to be that some Cowboys players had formed sexual relationships with teammates' wives. Ugly.

Eels will be starting Jeremy Smith at halfback so hopefully this should produce some opportunities for the Warriors to terrify and smash the young guy.

So all the best to the boys, as ever it is with feelings of hope tinged with doubt that I publish this post in the knowledge I will not get to see the game. If we get a win - only five more from six games needed for playoffs. Or should we say a playoff as we would no doubt be playing the number one seed minor premiers.

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